About Us

Zena Design Group focuses on interior architecture and design. The design philosophy of the group is based on the complete analysis of the project as a whole; to understand all aspects of the design - the site and setting, the architecture, the interior architecture, the furnishings and the business or function to take place.

In 1990, Betty founded Zena Design Group focusing on hospitality, specialty commercial and private residential design, Her background began in art and architecture, with degrees in architecture and business, she moved into architecture and feasibility consulting, and then expanded into interior architecture and design. The firm concentrates on projects where attention to detail is critical to the outcome of the project. Recent projects have included clubs, hotels, restaurants, and private residences.

A major element of design is to incorporate art, artistic elements, and local craft into projects, using materials and techniques that are unique to the area or fit within each setting. Also, a central concept is recognizing the challenge of using new materials, techniques, styles, etc., yet not compromising the element of timelessness of the space.

Zena Design Group Scope of Services